thanx deep from my heart to:

  • pino, till & mat the three all day and night workaholics from for making this project possible. all of them have spent many valuable hours for this idea. even in very hard times they have supported me like in a big family.

  • urs the all time nervous guy from dj service, zurich. he was one of the first persons outside the project to believe in the idea of during the time he was on a holiday trip in rio in january 1998, i became the possibility to equip my new office, located inside the record store.

  • rolf from panthera zurich for making our huge record database available.

  • rene, creating the first design of this website. due certain circumstances he couldn’t finish his big job. sorry for that.

  • roli, always a little bit to late, for his engagement and support in the prepress section.

  • markus and angie from copy-art for making it possible to use their infrastructure.

  • mike from dj service, having a very good week during the restructure of dj service, zurich

thanx a lot to all my friends which have supported me like nico, christophe and mauro... and all those which i forgot to mention at this place :-)

marcus (dj deepdeepblue)

katharinengasse 10
ch-9000 st.gallen
phone +41-71-244.30.90
fax   +41-71-244.30.91

dee jay service
lagerhausstrasse 5
ch-8400 winterthur
phone +41-52-212.22.35
fax   +41-52-212.22.70

panthera records
johannesgasse 6
ch-8005 zürich
phone +41-1-271.99.11
fax   +41-1-271.11.83

paradiesstrasse 7
ch-9000 st.gallen
phone +41-71-278.74.75
fax   +41-71-278.77.80

deepdeepblue productions
p.o. box
ch-9001 st.gallen

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